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The Beginnings of our After School Program in        Guatemala City





Thanks to Everyone Who Wished Mac Happy Birthday!

Your generosity helped Mac raise over $10,000US for our operations in Guatemala!











Introducing  Shannon Moyle and Mac Philips who will be the new directors of Oneness and Madeli Samara Quiñonez Gonzalez who will continue as our Educational Director


Shannon Moyle

My name is Shannon Moyle, originally from Ottawa Canada. My love, passion and dedication for Planting Seeds and for the children and families of Guatemala began 10 years ago in 2006. I have had the pleasure of knowing Richard and Susan Schmaltz my entire life and I have them to thank for introducing me to the Planting Seeds Philosophy and the realities and resilience of so many living in Guatemala. Planting Seeds in turn introduced me to a nonprofit in Guatemala called Safe Passage, where I have spent the last 9 years teaching children English through music and movement, coordinating family programs, and engaging youth in the Hip Hop culture through breakdance.

 Mac Philips 

I first came to Guatemala from Chicago, in 2010 to be a teacher’s assistant for an organization called Safe Passage. While there, I developed a tutoring program focusing on supporting students with one on one attention to improve reading, writing, and math skills. That is where I found out about Planting Seeds and the amazing philosophy that not only prepares kids academically, but also fosters their growth as human beings. At Safe Passage, I also had the opportunity to work as an adult literacy teacher, coordinate college readiness programs, and help create a student tutoring program. Through my time here, I have learned about the strength, resilience, generosity, and capability of so many Guatemalans along with the extreme consequences of poverty and oppression that has plagued so many Guatemalan families. In my opinion, the answer is education. Not only education to get a job, but education to empower, to question, and to love. I am so excited to join Planting Seeds and continue supporting communities in their own development.

 Mac & Shannon’s Future Plans

Our initial and long term goals in Planting Seeds are to continue working on healthy human development. We are excited to work with Madeli and the amazing Plantando Semillas staff to ensure high quality programming in all Planting Seeds centers. One of our first initiatives will be to extend the Planting Seeds Philosophy to parents and families, supporting them so they can create loving spaces in their homes. The first step to making this happen will be opening up a community center in Zone 3, with the families living in the areas surrounding the Guatemala City Garbage Dump. Our goal is to have full community involvement in the development and creation of the upcoming center. This includes regular community meetings, researching current available resources, and engaging in conversations about the history and needs of the families. The initial programs in the center will focus family development, parent support, and a safe and fun space for kids, adolescents, and adults.

Madeli Samara Quiñonez Gonzalez

Madeli is a native Guatemalan who has worked with Susan Schmaltz to develop the Plantando Semillas Program since its inception. She has recently graduated from Landavar University with a Masters in Education, as class valedictorian. Madeli has been Executive Director of the Plantando Semillas Educational Program since 2014. Madeli is in charge of the running of all of our classroom programs as well as the Teacher Training Centre in San Lucas. She is a founding member and heads up the Associación de Maestrós de Educatión Temprana “Plantando Semillas”, the group that provides the Planting Seeds Teacher Certification program.



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